The Zara Sale

If you’ve never experienced the Zara Sale, you’re in for a real treat!  I’ve gathered my favorites I’d love to add to my closet, without breaking the bank.  Enjoy!

Bucket Bag with Knot- $17.99Faux Fur Contrasting Coat- $89.99Flowing Jacket with Bow- $29.99

Polyamide Dress with Long Sleeves- $9.99Elastic Printed Skirt- $15.99Floral Print Trousers- $22.99

Printed Kimono- $22.99Animal Print Blouse with Lace- $15.99Animal Design Jacquard Coat- $49.99

Miniaudiere with Fuchsia Details- $25.99Red Coat with Draped Collar- $89.99Sweater with Multicoloured Appliques- $39.99

Diamond Patterned Velvet Dress- $9.99Floral Velvet Dress- $22.99Floral Velvet Kimono- $39.99


Author: Melissa At Work

Welcome! I'm a fashion lover and follower of Christ! Enjoy the site!

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